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"To whom much is given, much is required as knowledge is the true currency of the universe. In the midst of chaos one can accomplish everything by doing nothing, as man habitually longs for fame and authority. Perhaps no contribution is the true contribution as the weak survive, while the mild persist. Nothing in this life is softer than water and yet aggression and force never triumph over water, be more like water and tolerate the misunderstandings of those in your world."
-By: LaKeisha Davis

About Us

The future of national security in defense requires cutting edge innovation through technology, to the next generation of weapons. The United States of America is at a pivitol moment, to our position in the world as a nation of continued security, wealth and power projected domestically and internationally.

Our interests here at Beak Industries provides that path forward to what is at the best interest of the american people, our national security as to americas interests abroad. Next generational weapons and manufacturing for the various departments within the United States government is as follows: 

Army Marines Navy
Air Forces National Guard Coast Guards
Special Ops Forces Nasa Domestic Allied Forces (The DAF)
Medical Research And Development

                                                                                           HONOR RECONGNITION & HOMAGE

                                                                                                                       THE 92

Americans put emphasis on and take pride in, maintianing the image as a self reliant nation. The United States values individuals who rely on their wits and hard work to chart their personal destinies. Their are very few americans that can get through even a few minutes of a day, without leaning heavily on the efforts of creative geniuses.

Infact most of our days barely began and we have already borrowed, so many ideals and devices from others that we can hardly keep a tally of them. Americans are in constant debt to inventors who created useful products and processess that the average person could never devise. 

Yet despite the tremendous impact of inventors on our lives, we take inventors for granted as most americans could go on and on about prominent athletes and entertainment figures, yet if asked to recognize relatively few names of inventors of people who have actually changed the way we live.

The harsh reality is most peole would probubly cite Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, Orville and Wilburt Wright, Robert Fulton, Johannes Guitenberg, Cyrus Mc Cormick, Samuel Morse, Henry Ford, Charles GoodYear and Eli Whitney as americans mostly recognized an notible inventors of history.

The harsh reality however, is the real question which is how many of those names mechioned above are african american? Your answer is NONE! As most americans would be hard pressed to come up with the name of a a single black inventor, as George Washington Carver who achieved fame for his plant research, seldom patented his discoveries, as this hypothetically might be reffered to as the lone wolf exception.

One mightest well conclude that african americans have had little intrests or success in inventing, however the real truth is that we as americans can barely get throughout the day without taking advantage of creative genisis of black inventors. 

From the sugar process, to tee-up a golf ball, bating a fish hook and even traffic lights and machinery. No one really knows the full extent to which black inventors have had an impact upon american society because for many centuries, their was no real organized system to documenting black inventors and their invention's as good ideals were quickly imitated.

Although the creation of an examination board brought order to a chaotic scramble for patent rights, this factor did-not eliminate the barriers that prevented african americans from gaining recognition for their inventions, as many black inventors had far less access to education and information, than their white counterparts and as a result many black inventors had no idea how to patent and protect their inventions.

Black inventors also tended to have Less money, unlike their white couterparts as patent fees were high enough to discourage even those who understood the system to applying for a patent! Furthermore slavery hampered down on black inventors efforts, not to mechion the lack of leasure time and equipment to carry-out experiments!

From being beaten, mutiliated, and apposed to having educated blacks, within a prodominetly white american society years ago, african americans still developed innovative devices, processes and inventions.

In 1793 to 1836 the negro slave could legally patent their inventions and while this ideology was true in theory, it was not true in practice, as slave masters claimed ownership of many slave inventions and obtained patents for those inventions in their own names, such as Cyrus Mc Cormick, who had a slave by the name of Jo Anderson who developed the grain harvester for which Cyrus Mc Cormick took the full credit and patent rights for.

With that being said, white america in those days made it impossibe to determine how much african americans have contributed to inventions that helped reshape our world. The abolition of slavery in the decade following the civil war ended the question of slave rights to their inventions.That did-not however eliminate all barriers for black inventors as the patent process remained prohibitively complex and relitively expensive even within the 21st century.

Further prejudice prompted many black inventors to disguise their involvement with their own innovations, convinced that the value of their own inventions would plummet if word got out these were the creations of blacks, as often african american inventors took patents out in the names of their white lawyers.

For the most part african american inventors were unnoticed until 1894 congressman George Washington Murray a former slave, with eight patents on farm implaments to his credit, he researched the patent records and read into the congressional record a list of 92 african american black inventors.

The reading of those deemed " The 92 Black Inventors" read into the congressional record, was to send a very clear message and that message was african americans, have equally contributed to the rise and continued success of the United States of America as it is the african american inventors who are equally worthy of recognition for both past and present inventions as well as the the african american inventors and innovators of the 21st century.

                                                          Beak Industries United States Defense Umbrella Corp. National Address

National security has always been a top priority to the president of the United States of America, heads of state, every government branch and national foreign leaders. From the country to its citizens within its borders, both abroad and its allie nations by which treaties are formed under mutual interests of peace, prosperity and national security.

In order to uphold these ties between two nations or several if you will, securing the home-front one must first be properly prepared to respond to the unimaginable as best as possible considering the times we live-in. The future for any nation of prosperity, technology has always been at the forefront, since the birth of the internet.

Technology has propelled mankind into the future as we embark upon a new era of superiority in technology domination, with forward thinkers consistently and repetitively bringing forth new, effective, innovative, fresh, sharp and precise ideas to life. The "New New" or the "Its It", with that being said, national security is now more than ever at its ripest point for the arrival to a revolutionary approach to next generational weapons of the United States of America to answer the call to national security both foreign and domestic.

When technology evolved and advanced so did the national security threat, as so should our response to any and all threats. When terror strikes so does the imminent fear of the unknown as to the unimaginable which usually is the straw that breaks the camels back!

When a nation goes to war, I can guarantee you it is not over barley and fish. The times we live in require one to be as wise as a serpent and as gentle as a bunny. Beak Industries is that evolving door to the revolutionary approach to next generational weapons to national defense and security of the United States of America.