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About the Founder

Beak Industries United States Defense Umbrella Corp. was founded in 2016 by Lakeshia E. Davis. National Security has always been at the heart of all my projects and intellectual property since 2011.

As an inventor of medical research and development to world cures, innovative and technology. Deep space missions exploration and beyond, climate change initiatives eradicating global warming and preservation of natural resources initiatives. Nation building projects, government re-organization stability and development, effective counter terrorism intelligence,facilitate and negotiate mutual respect, bounderies, peace talks between world powers. Consumer market products and production, inventor/manufacturer-developer and distributor, as well as project creator to next generational weapons, innovation and technology for the future.

As the United States of America transitions from one Era to the next, Beak Industries United States Defense Umbrella Corp. is poised to continued confidence in the nations efforts to national security domestically and abroad.