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                                                                                   The True Currency of The Universe is Knowledge

Negative energy requires a filter thus the seven layers, more specifically the ozone layer draws out the ultra violet light producing radiation. Contained within the mixing of filtering is water H2o and green-house gasses, as every 12 hrs during sun-up releasing a positive energy within earths atmosphere, which is non-ionizing radiation from the main source, the sun.

During sun-up this mixture of ultra violet light producing radiation, transferes drown through the ozone layer releasing a positive energy of non harmful radiation with particles that defused it H2o and green-house gasses. As the sun sets and the moon rises, the seven layers exhale by expanding up and out, as earth on a daily basis under-goes an atmospheric expasion and during sun-rise the seven layers supress down because of ultra violet light producing radiation, kind of like squeezing the Earth during the 12hr period of sun-up.

It is during this time the moon releases an energy that is positive, more specifically on nights their are full moons, the strength of that energy consumes the night of the 12hr. period, more specifically between the hrs of 10pm to 4am as the thickness of its concentration window is between 12pm and 3am.

This energy consumes the night in obsorption through the seven layers surpassing the filtering ( ozone  layer ) Why ? ? ? Because Lunar Power is not a negative energy but rather a positive energy. Negative energy requires a filter thus the purpose of the seven layers, more specifically the ozone layer, draws-out the negative ultra violet light producing radiation and releases the positive newly enhanced H2o mixed with green-house gasses producing a non-ionizing radiation into earths atmosphere, from the 12hr period of sun-up.

Only to further mix with the Lunar power during the night and especially on a full moon night creating large amounts of atmospheric energy waves of pulsation, which gradually increases to its most powerful point of concentration upon mixing between the hours of 12pm and 3am which activates hot-spots of dark energy within Earth allowing teleportation travel via warp-time.

This is why the feeling I personally felt during certain times of the year and on a full moon was the initial feeling of time standing still because the universe was yeilding to be used as a bustling highway into the universe, the very same power the Mayans used for traveling throughout the universe as depicted in their art work and that Mayan Calender Time Table. It was as if during this time earths atmosphere opens up at night yeilding for outgoing and incomming traffic into the universe.

The Mayans figured it out and used it, thats why they were able to write about it, things that seemed to be advanced way beyond their time, were infact in their right time as earth consistently yielded as to the outer limits allowing teleportaion to from and back again. All this time WE in the 21st Century have been missing out on vital windows of opportunity because the information to unlocking universal travel had remained lost, hidden to us unknowingly until now.

Since 2016 we have had more than one full moon and rare moon sightings and more than three concentrated atmospheric windows of energy pulsations streaming down, rippling passing waves of positive energy consistantly mixing rippling and passing with an unsual stillness to wind and earth interferences almost like a calling card to destination unknown as knowledge awaited discovery again, accept this time to the knowing of the 21 Century Era of Civilization.

If knowledge is the true currency of the universe and you believe this and live by this as it becomes your way of life then by right it becomes your birth-right passage into the universal knowledge granting access up out and into the universe and back again from where you started.

Remeber its been proven by scientist and NASA that energy equals the speed to distance through time allowing warp-time by the folding of space by time and for all this time its been speculated by scientist as I'm sure NASA Officials the need to relase mass quantities of energy into the universe particullarly from space to open a gateway, however I am now a firm believer in naturally occuring windows of time travel opportunities happening right here within earth and more frequently than we know of, as they are over-looked and typically missed to universal discoveries hidden in plane site.

                                                                                                         The Bermuda Triangle

What I am about to disclose to you may come as a shock, perhaps even a little scary at first but along with the creation of The NASA Projects requires one to fully disclose everything including ancient old secrets that were kept secret for a reason. What may seem foolish to you or taken as a casual joke in light hearted conversation among others, was and still is a reality to those who bare the true currency of the universe long ago.

We as humans consider ourselves to be superior because we are knowledgeable however, the humans version of currency as to the currency of the universe is two very different things, one is based upon earthly minerals where as the other is based upon knowledge which is the true currency!

Indulge me if you will. . .

The main purpose to Dark Energy was gifted to the Mayan King by the visitors, as to their half human off-spring to safe-guard its knowledge as to its usage for teleportation especially within earths atmosphere, this was thee original purpose and primary use of Dark Energy, kind of like a parting gift in remebrance of them who came ,lived among the humans, reproduced and left.

Dark Energy folds space by time allowing warp-time travel best used either in space or beneath water as space and water is considered equal atmospheres! The difference between space and water, is space contains mass amounts of energy where as water shields itself from being engulfed by energy.

Space is vast just as water is vast however, the two offer something together that is sustainable which is " The safe use of Energy" especially ( Dark Energy ) by which water safe-houses its usage without the fear of an Atomic Bomb because within the depths of waters thickness is "Space-like Movement".

The energy of space as to the seasons change in accordance to alignment within our solar system is whats activating this Dark Energy streaming down piercing through the seven layers that encloses earth, activiating Ancient Old Hot Spots of Dark Energy, especially within the Bermuda Triangle at random.

The Bermuda Triangle this site was essential a launch pad as to a reciever, incoming and outgoing time travel as well as opening portals which is depicted throughout the Ancient Mayan Culture sortive like dont ask dont tell, as only those who used it knew of it as to its secrets, in conjunction with the Mayan Calender. The Mayan Calender Time Table along with their maps throughout the constellation depicts that of Ancient old secrets hidden well in plane site. 

As for the Disappearances and or Occurances that took place years ago such as:

AirCraft Incidents: 

Incident (1) 1945 December 5th Flight 19, 5 TBF Avengers Lost with 14 Airmen and later the same day Incident (2) PBM Mariner BuNo-59225 lost with 13 Airmen while searching for flight 19.

Incident (3) 1948 January 30th Avro Tudor G-AHNP Star Tiger lost with six crew and 25 passengers.

Incident (4) 1948 December 28th Douglas DC-3 NC16002 lost with 3 crew and 36 passengers.

Incident (5) 1949 January 17th Avro Tudor G-AGRE Star Arie lost with 7 crew and 13 passengers.

Incident (6) 1962 January 8th A USAF KB-50, 51-0465 Lost.

Incidents at SEA:

Incident (1) 1800 USS Pickering lost with 90 people on board.

 Incident (2) 1814 USS WSAP lost with 140 people on board.

Incident (3) 1918 USS Cyclops collier left Barbados of March 4th, lost with all 306 crew and passengres on board.

The dissaperances and or occurances that took place years ago were accidents that happened because they just so happened to be in the center of the alignment where the energy from space was streaming down and Dark Energy was streaming up from beneath the water unknowingly to those being transported and never heard from again neither was their any trace of them or their vessels, planes and or equipment. 

Warp-time is traveling at high speeds to a long distance in the shortest amount of time, gateways to distant travels such as the gateway known as the Bermuda Triangle projects a substantial amount of Dark Energy releasing and projecting to its carrier within the universe of our solar system and beyond. 

Long ago these gateways and random open portals were controlled by those who bared the true currency of the universe, the knowledge as to its usage died with them. These rare occurances/coincidents coincide with the Mayan Calender Time Table, the most valuable of their hidden secrets in plane site bares the mark of universal travel as this fact was diguised to be hidden and or disreguarded as something else such as" END of DAYS & EARTH ERROR" .

The purpose of doing this was brilliant by the half-links that lived among us as humans then and humans now devalued it, just as those that used it understood our way of thinking as to the human species and by the devaluing and ERROR was to hide its true nature (Dark Energy Activation and Peak Time + Streaming Down Solar Energy Day to Night Transference and Mass QTY + Streaming Down Night Moon Energy to Daylight Transference MASS QTY + Earths 5 Essentials + Time Travel = True Currency Universal Knowledge )  Mayan Calender Time Table open portals. 

The dead-lock date marks the farthest the Mayans travelled, wittnessing the change of the world which ultimately ended time travel for the Mayans as seeing their time and age as a people no-longer existed which was a harsh reality to a rich culture and heritage of a people.

To witness decades into the future to know and see what the end results is in 2012 for them in their eyes was sure Death to a ruin of a people, as some things are worth exploring, where as others is best left to thee unknown as the truth may be to harsh to handle.

                                                                                NASA, SPACE, TIME & ENERGY vs. GALATIC WEATHER

 Galaxy weather as to the planets and universal weather is clearly intriguing from its nature as to its form. When a planet within the universe is experiencing unsusal weather of great magnitude better known to NASA and classified as terrestrial because of the conditions from within as it increases, releasing mass amounts of energy by force into the universe.  Now depending on the planet if it is within orbit within our solar system, the increased chances of odd weather fluctuations within earths atmosphere is partly due to the thickness of that release.

Every fluctuation causes weather patterns to change within earth, most common news stations report these fluctuations to come from energy and pressure changes from within earths atmosphere where the laws of gravity applies. Take the san andreas fault line located in California for example, when the tectonic plates shift it is due to pressure changes, just as when a tropical storm turns into a hurricane and slams the shorelines like the one that hit New Orleans Hurrican Katrina which was due to what ???? A Pressure Change, Mixing of Hot and Cold Moist Air!

However outside of the laws of gravity within space on another planet such as Saturn, when a storm occurs it is the mixing of energy upon energy as large terrestrial vortexes are created at unforgivable speed because of the conditions within its enclosing is that of Energy radiating up and down with no green-houses gasses or moist air in-between.

Saturn inpartucular lacks the combination to the four key elements which sustains Earth included but not limited to:

(1) Vegetation (2) Large bodies of water H2o (3) Moist Wind/Air Circulated (4) Fire

A habital planet is a heated planet under the right conditions and the right temperature to sustain life, this is why you see these colossal storms reaching extra terrestrial size within a planet like Saturn. Within Earths enclosing such storms do-not reach extra terrestrial size like that of Saturn because of the perfect balance from within.

When these occurences do happen on a planet like Saturn the energy that is released has to go some-where as space has no boundaries, this thickness of energy releases covers earths enclosing as it passesses, especially if that planet is experiencing extra terrestrial storm and its within our solar system.

NASA reported on May 2, 2013 a thunderstrom within Saturn to be enormous by terrestrial hurrican standards as the stroms eye was approximately two kilometers wide traveling at over five hundred kilometers per hour as the north pole, as Saturns hurricane swirls inside the six sided Hexagon.

On November 13th of 2006 NASA also reported a hurricane on the south pole of Saturn, the storm was reported to be a huge vortex rotating. The report also said the storm was slightly larger that the entire Earth that accured winds reaching five hundred and fifty kilometers per hour, twice the size of a category five hurricane. NASA goes on to say this poles vortex on Saturn might have been raging for billions of years and is not expected to drift off the pole.

Shortly after the recent occurances on May 2, 2013 followed another occurence upon Saturn on May 5th 2013 approximately three days later it was said to be a cloud but in appreance this cloud apperared to look almost like a mothership or Alien mothership as NASA further-more said it to be a thunderstorm cloud called super cell. Immediately after this occurance three days later on May 8th 2013 NASA reported a tramedous explosion in the nearby universe and on a major telescope across earth, it was reported to be a gamma ray burst detected by the earth orbiting Femi and Swift Satellites.

Mexico found the blast in visible light, noting its extreme brightness, placing the explosing about five billion light-years away. The entire gamma ray sky is shown to becomming momentarily dominated by the intense glow as it is a possibility thats the glow of a classic super nova which will soon emerge.

These occurances that followed May 2, 2013 extra terrestrial hurricane upon Saturn releasing mass amounts of energy all were reported within three days of each other, from the odd occurance in Montana followed by the May 5th 2013, followed by the Gamma Ray Burst on May 8th 2013.

Now. . .

When and unknown occurance happens within deep space such as an explosion of energy forming a super nova and it is unexplainable as to the nature of and its forming such as the happening on May 8th 2013 gamma ray burst, confirms my theory to the laws of the outer limits which is mass amounts of energy traveling by the laws of the outer limits which is energy equals the speed to distance through time. This thickness of energy release on May 8th 2013 traveling five billion light years at the speed of distance through time further mixing mass amounts forming a thickness causing this explosion or as NASA put it a burst.

Almost like shooting a beam for several hours and not shutting it off which causes this thickness of energy which travelled five billion light years to form a gamma ray burst as to the soon to emerge super nova. Seeing space has no enclosing whereas the laws of gravity do-not apply, these occurances billions of light years away take place and days later pops up on NASA radar as suspecious, precieved as random and unexplainable unless one can connect the dots governed by the order of space time and energy.


                                                                                                            Restoration Earth

Global Warming:

A topic of discussion that has plagued mankind is the vast effects of Global warming. As the planet heats up and the polar ice caps melt we are left with unforseen adverse effects to earths destabilization which is intern ending our way of life as humans contributing to this destabilization as this is not due to natural causes. Humans did this, earth does not need us we need earth and in-order for the human species to continue thriving as a living species of intelligence we must effectively and effeciently put an end to Global Warming, not just by curbing emissions and choosing to use green energy, this slaps a band-aid on the mass destabilization.

Climate Change:

We can all agree climate change has effected us all from rising sea levels to drought and unforseen famine along with strange weather patterns. Climate Change has touched every part of earth as the seasons are experiencing an offset to regulatory year round. Natural disaters that occur yearly have increased their strength and size as to the rare and unexspected happenings within earths atmosphere all of this is due to climate change. The animals both great and small that depend upon climate for various reason are now adjusting to the irregulatory forcing them to adapt to new places of dwellence in-order to survive as a species. Sea levels have risen as land is disapperaring.

Restroation Earth & Global Impact:

In-order to began restoration to the damage that has already been done over the course of many many years/decades, is going to require the leaders of the world on board for a Positive Global Impact in hopes to save earth, as to those that depend upon her. Fixing the problem isn't as hard as you may think, as Beak Indutries United States Defense Umbrella Corp. retains the intellectual property to effectively and efficently put an end to the crisis the human species face as a whole. Global Warming and Climate Change could be a thing of the past starting today if you as world leaders choose it to be. Beak Industries is poised and ready to restore earth by ending all threats that pose a high risk to a continued problem for all who depend upon earth. 

Requesting intellectual property: Send request to Beak Industries United States Defense Umbrella Corp. NASA of the United States HQ, POTUS and the United States Department of Defense may request intellectual property in writing which must be verifiable by the listed party requesting office, No Acceptions!


                                                                                                                 CRT-YG-2,STILL I

Innovative ehnaced smart technology designed and created to Chart deep space the uncharted territory in a whole new way, move about space collecting data both inner and outer of a planet, to a landing mission and specimen collection along with several hours audio/video feed, able to with-stand extreme and even hazadous conditions as CRT-YG-2, STILL I, is able to assess and move about with caution and even remove itself from a planet back into space and to its place of origin aborad vessel. The ultimate Innovate Robotic Next Generational Rover.

Requesting Intellectual Property Contact: Beak Industries United States Defense Umbrella Corp. All request from United States NASA HQ must be submited in writing and verifiable no acceptions.

                                                                                     You Flying Cock Roach with Taradactal Wings  

                                                                                    ( Name Does Not Constitute or Solidify the Project ) 

      Orbiting Earth and needing to refuel has always been a challenge considering the current technology already availible that is in use. You Flying Cock Roach with Taradactal Wings allows a Space Cadet to program a mission and send out a flight to refueling of any and all orbiting and stations within Space. Innovative Smart Technology powered by solar using Next Generational Robotics and smart technology.

Requesting Intellectual Property Contact: Beak industries United States Defense Umbrella Corp. All reuestes from United States NASA must be submitted in writing, no acceptions.