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The Department of Defence Navy Seal

Beak Industries Next Generational Weapon: SEED

The purpose to SEED is to hide its true nature until detonation, the ground use of weapons in opporation today the enemy has learned the sound as to the pulling and even the smell of the weapons. Animals have even been trained to sniff-out such weapons, however to a navy seal out on a mission weapons SEED, provides the ambiance of quite release to a delayed detonation undetectable in all forms until it is too late. Releasing weapons Seed is equivillant to releasing 10 or more SNC BOMBS. 

Powerful explosives are usually detectable because to launch most require a heat signature within the atmosphere as a moving target, or in a ground opporation a powerful explosive can emmit a heat signature due to size and launch site. Weapons SEED is specifically designed to hide its heat signature as an active weapon being delpoyed from various directions.

The only time a Country will go into defense mode is if its radar picks-up a heat signature as an incoming object to detecting a launched weapon of somesort. Radars are designed to identify heat signature weapons that pose a threat in-need of immediate action. The beauty of  weapons SEED is that it gives a false reading to even the most sophisticated radars until impact has happened, revealing its true nature to any given target of interest.

When a target is reached their is no evidence that it was an explosive/missile/weapons coming from the navy seal or the United States, as to who knows which country or enemie released such a weapon upon the target of interest. Weapons SEED keeps the navy seal neutral to location as to who launched it. Weapons SEED is light weight in feel and transportable.

Requesting Intellectual Property Contact: Beak Industries United States Defense Umbrella Corp. 699 Lewelling Blvd #146-163 San Leandro Ca, 94579. All requests must be submitted in writing from the United States Department of Defense and verifiable by the United States Department of Defense.

Service of Industry Branches of Defense

The use of knowledge is the main driver of growth, wealth creation and employment across all industries, no doubt between the current Era and the coming New Era always. As seen throughout history one overlapping the other as is what’s unfolding gradually but surly in the present, the
shift-change from the 21st Century to a “Post Capitalist Society”. Knowledge intensive economies, much hinges on being able to increase ones productivity of the knowledgeable work by dramatically improving the work process, output of manual labor within the industry Era.Exponential improvements will lie not in the breaking of tasks but rather the gaining of efficiencies, harnessing intangible assets, ( Held By ) and with the “Knowledge Workers”.
The growing interest, intersects between Sustainability, People and the Environment. The Economy however, will prove to be the indicator that a shift-change to a post capitalist paradigm has occurred. To define the next Era, after the Information Era, which proceedeth to the 21st Century Knowledge Era to the present “Conceptual Era” ( WE ) are living in this Era already, The Conceptual Age. With that being said I introduce to you technology of the Conceptual Age.

Security Clearance needed For Pentagon Defense Project Entitled: KING.1. H. H. The KING: FT Notes, Prototypes, Internal/External Complete with Designs. 2 . H. H. The KINGS Kingdom: FT Notes, Prototypes, Internal/External Complete with Designs.3.H. H. The KINGS Royal Priest Hood: FT Notes, Prototypes, Internal/External Complete with Designs. 4.H. H. The KINGS National Security 24/7 365 Global Impact World-Wide. 5.H.H. The KINGS Codes.
9/11 was the turning point for defense technology from Baghdad to Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan. I Declare War. . . has defined the battlefield, the many ways we use technology to revolutionizing the battlefield securing our allies and national security. Civilization is defined by what ( WE ) produce as a means to an end, and as the calling forth of justice and rectification.
When a country decides to go to war I can assure you it is not over barley and fish, Vietnam develops the atomic bomb, U.S. President's has taken a liking to drone attacks, as every country has their sophisticated radars, defense technology equipment, old, new and deemed cutting edge of the 21st Century as well as the new USA early bomb detection orbiting earth. Some would say well then. . . we are secured up to our eye balls!

So secure that World Leader have armed themselves with things developed from the minds of the common. Today WE descend to usher in the “Conceptual Age” the birth of a fresh and New Era, starting with defense technology that trumps every area man has developed for War and national security, well into the future of civilization the culture of mankind I give you Defense Technology of the Conceptual Era, Project KING.

KING Defies: Any and all missiles, rockets, bombs, destroyer ships, Global Strike Military Air Crafts, Legendary Abrams M1 main battle tanks, nuclear powered attack submarines, missiles and electronics defense used by NASA, command control communications and surveillance technology, small manned airborne intelligence gathering such as the SPYDR which is deemed the most versatile and inescapable in the world.

KING Defies: UH-60 Black Hawk Helicopter, The Oshkosh LVSR Logistics Vehicle system and cargo trucks which debuted in Afghanistan in 2009.
KING Defies: CH-47 Chinook Boeing Helicopter, P-3 Poseidon, Pratt and Whitney F-35 engine in Lockheed Martin, F-35 Lightning II Strike fighter plane of the 21st century, the F-22 Raptor, the C-17 Globemaster III, the B-52 and the EA-6B Prowler among other aircrafts as to their impressive clientele list which includes 27 countries around the world.
KING Defies: U.S. military next generation Jamer NGJ Array transmitter technology, the joint tactical radio systems and bowman waveform which allows U.S. forces to communicate security with U.K. troops.
KING Defies: Advanced radiations guided missiles, Bell Helicopters, drones and armored vehicles, the OH-580 Kiowa Warrior helicopter which the U.S. army used in Afghanistan.

KING Defies: Surveillance systems of detecting incoming attacks such as the C41SR technology. Defense Technology of the Conceptual Era Project.
Weapons KING devours and engulf large portions, if not all of the 21 Century defense wave of old, new and cutting edge technology included but not limited to defense companies and corporations such as: Lockheed Martin, Boeing, BAE Systems, Raytheon, General Dynamics, Northrop Grumman, EADS, United Technologies, Finmeccanica, L-3 Communications, BAE Systems Inc, BAE Systems UK, Thales, SAIC, Huntington Ingalls Industries, Almaz-Antei, Honeywell, Rolls Royce, Sikorsky United Technologies, United Aircraft Corp, General Electric, Oshkosh Truck, MBDA BAE Systems, UK/EADS, Trans-European- Finmeccanica Italy, ITT Exelis, Pratt & Whitney United Technologies, Eurocopter Group EADS Trans-Eur, Computer Science Corp.
CASA EADS,Trans-Eur, DCNS, Textron, Vertolety Rossii, Booz Allen Hamilton, Bacock International Group, Dyncorp, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Rheinmetall, CACI International, Agusta Westland Finmeccanica, Saab, URS Corporation, Elbit Systems, Rockwell Collins, EADS Astrium EADS Trans-Eur, Israel Aerospace Industries, Sukhoi United Aircraft Corp, Hewlett Packard, United engine corp, Mantech International, Hindustan Aeronautics, Alliant Techsystems, Fluor, Serco, CEA Alenia Aeronautica Finmeccanica.

NEC.United Ship buliding Corp, Ordnance Factories, Harris Cobham, ST Engineering Temasek, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, BAE Systems Australia BAE systems, Rafael, Uralvagonzavod, Samsung, Samsung Techwin, Mitsubishi Electric,DSN, ThyssenKrupp, Dassault Aviation Groupe, Ukroboronprom, Qinetiq, Fincantieri, Kongsberg Gruppen, Diehi, Navantia, Chemring Group, Embraer, Korea Aerospace Industries, Triumph Group, Jacobs Engineering Group,Precision Castparts, Navistar, Meggitt, Krauss-Maffei Wegmann.
Bharat Electronics, Moog, HI Group, AAR Corp, Thales Systems Aeroportes Thales, RUAG, Nexter, GKN, Patria Industires, Selex Galileo SPA Finmeccanica, KBR, Cupic Corporation, LIG Next, Aselan, Thales Australia Thales France, CAE, SRA International, Gencorp, Bumar Group, Ultra Electronics, Aerospace Corp, FIAT, IVECO, Esterline Technologies, Mitre, Mission Essential, Raytheon Australia Raytheon USA, ASC, Selex Elsag Finmeccanica, Alion Science and Technology, AM General, Teledyne Technologies, Hanwha, ATK, Oshkosh, Pratt & Whitney, ITT Exelis, United Technologies, SAIC.

**The Conceptual age is upon us, as to the breaking of dawn into thee exceptional by the bringing forth to defense of what is that is Defense Technology Project KING.
My contact information is as follows to schedule a meeting to full disclosure and review as to partnerships in development,iIntellectual property and designs, leasing rights and or direct ownership rights to purchase.
Beak Industries United States Defense Umbrella Corp.