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Classified: Z-400 SNC TEAR Drop Bomb Energy Code ( DE-U )

The Z-400 SNC Tear Drop is the equivillency to a revolutionary take on a hand held semi to moderate Atomic Bomb utilizing a new form of energy that hasn't been used since the time of the Ancients. This weapon is portable, hand held and very lethal to maxium wide spread catastrophe similar to that of an Anotic Bomb drop except, the actual weapon is much smaller and the energy source is very different.

Upon detonation of the Z-400 SNC Tear Drop is a result of widespread instant death to a region, with zero survival rate and or escape.

This Next Generational Weapon due to its design, energy use and release could not only level an entire area but also remove all living entites or populations of people the size of China, Saudi Arabia, North Korea and even Russia. 

This Next Generational Weapon does not require onsite presence to detonation, neither does it reqire a heat signature release, such as a launch pad for a surface to air missile. This weapon can be mounted and detonated from another country or desired place of your choosing.

Requesting Intellectual Property: Must be in writing from The United States Department of Defense authorization and clearance must be verifiable No Acceptions! Send all requests to: Beak Industries United States Defense Umbrella Corp.